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Survival Island has always been a fan favorite in Minecraft. In it, you spawn on a small island and have to build you way towards the end of the game, usually by completing a set of challenges. These seeds will help you live that experience in Minecraft, without having to download any maps.

These are usually done by downloading a map. However it’s completely possible in the base game using seeds. Whilst the islands and resources are different to the downloadable map version, the premise is the same. Survival Islands will usually consist of minimal amount of blocks. 

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5: Ravine Survival Island

Seed: 109742003
This is a great choice for a Survival Island Minecraft Seed. You’ll spawn on a small island with beaches, with the center area consisting of Oak and Birch trees. You’ll easily have an infinite supply of wood and food. Cutting through the middle of the island is a large and deep ravine, which you can explore to collect minerals. Surrounding this island is Icebergs, which you can explore by boat.

4: Shipwreck Village

Seed: -613756530319979507
This next seed will put you on a moderately sized island in the middle of the ocean. On this island is a village, which takes up the majority of the land. This gives you a good head start, with easy access to shelter, food, defenses and trade. You can transform the village, making it smaller or more dense to save more space on the island. Something unique about this island is that there is a shipwreck perched on top of it.

3: Mountainous Island

Seed: -164023785253131
Here’s another basic survival island, which consists of some grass, dirt and trees. You’ll have access to Birch and Oak trees, allowing you to build out of different colored wood. This island is nice in design, as it has a flat area where you can build, which is surrounding by some tall, but thin mountains. The sand branches outwards into another smaller area where you can build.

2: Hardcore Survival

Seed: -4875122768029017614
If you want a bit of a challenge, you can choose this seed. Although you might get bored eventually. This island is mostly sand, with the occasional bit of grass on top. The island is small, and doesn’t have any trees, so a lot of tasks may be difficult. For that, it might be a good idea to collect wood from the nearby shipwreck and build your own boat to find some trees or saplings to bring back.

1: Paradise Survival Island

Seed: 1597350768734894939
Our final seed is a small island made of sand and grass. It has both Birch & Oak trees, providing both the main types of wood. Animals can spawn here, and on the smaller piece of land, you can find turtles nesting. Underneath these turtles is a cave system which you can venture into. Cutting through the land bridge is a shipwreck, which contains some chests with random loot.

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