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2019 was a big year for Minecraft. We saw a surge in popularity and many new major updates. One of these updates was 1.14, which overhauled villages so that they where completely new and fresh.

Villages now have themes and new buildings. The trading system was overhauled and raids can also happen to villages which you can help defend from.

To explore these features properly, we’ve put together a list of some of the Best Minecraft Village seeds available in 2019. These seeds where tested on Minecraft Java Edition, specifically version 1.14. For more Minecraft seed lists, guide and other content, view our dedicated area here! 

Double Village

Seed: 311347424270482
This is one of my favourite village seeds for Minecraft. Mainly because it has two villages which are in close proximity to each-other, with both villages being of different themes. One of the villages is the standard plains village, while the other one is a desert village. When you’re standing in one village, you can see the other village in the distance. 

Right at Spawn

Seed: 014062005937341
When you use this seed, you’ll spawn right at the entrance of one of Minecrafts new 1.14 villages. Whilst it isn’t a huge village, it does have a lot of smaller buildings which contain villages you can trade with. There is also a jungle biome not far in the distance where you can gather materials and food.

Nature Village

Seed: 260695646826880
Now this village is a larger one, mainly because all of the buildings are spread out and are at different elevations. This village has a library, a church and many houses with some being 2 floors. This is a great village seeds as it’s surrounded by trees and flowers with foxes also roaming the area.

Winter Village

Seed: 674772072309859
Finding a Winter Biome can be hard enough, finding a Village inside of a Winter Biome is even harder. Now, this seed won’t spawn you at the village, but it will be within walking distance. To find this village, you will need to head to the coordinates X: -250, Y: 64, Z: -230. 

Savannah Village

Seed: -769671147678429
Savannah Villages are very interesting, they have their own theme, with them being made of the orange acacia wood. This village in particular is a few steps away from the seeds spawn. It features a lot of buildings, with some of them spawning on top of the mountain. Most of the buildings are small houses which contain chests holding basic loot.

Desert Village

Seed: 946674620666051
Using this seed, you will spawn right in the middle of a desert village. Unfortunately though, it’s quite small in size and doesn’t offer any of the bigger buildings. It’s mostly small homes which contain beds. There is some stables which contain some tied up horses. 

Hillside Village

Seed: -598056405860539
This is a normal plains village, with buildings evenly spread out through the land and up the hills. When you spawn, you will have to take a 20 or so second walk to the village towards the coordinates of X: -224, Y: 64 and Z: 174. What’s interesting about this village though is that there is a ravine running through it, giving a good start to mining.

Taiga Village

Seed: 861399522197438
Deep in the Taiga Forest is this beautiful Minecraft village that is spread throughout the hills. There’s a good amount of buildings that are very spread out, you won’t be able to see most of them because the trees hide them well. You’ll have to follow the paths around. If you struggle to find the village with this seed, head to the coordinates X: 40, Y: 85 and Z: -145.

Pyramid Village

Seed: -193603891938342
Here is another village located in the desert. Whilst it doesn’t offer any of the tall or bigger buildings, there is a Desert Temple located right next to it. Inside the temple, there is a lot of gunpowder, string, gold, bones, emeralds and sand. You can also collect the TNT under the pyramid to save for later. You can find the pyramid at X: -277, Y: 53 and Z: -228.

River Village

Seed: -351294512166442
Our final Minecraft Village is a standard plains village. However I like this one a lot as there is a river naturally flowing through it, making it feel quite unique. This village has many houses and other small buildings which can be looted. To find this village, head to X: -312, Y: 92 and Z: -217. 

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