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Witches Huts, also known as Swamp Huts are a naturally spawning building in Minecraft. They only spawn in Swamps, and have a chance of spawning Witches as well as Black Cats. The chances of finding these buildings is quite rare, which is why we’ve chosen to share some Witch Hut Seeds.

The design of Witches Huts aren’t random, and always consist of a cauldron, crafting table and a red mushroom inside of a flower pot. However on Bedrock Edition, there is a random potion inside of the cauldron.

Witches who spawn are aggressive to the player, and will throw splash potions at you. If killed, they will usually drop potion making ingredients such as glass bottles, glowstone dust, gunpowder, redstone, spider eyes, sugar and sticks.

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3: Witch Hut at Spawn

Seed: 265213331987667976
If you want really fast access to a Witches Hut, then this is the seed for you. As soon as you input the seed and spawn, you will literally spawn about 5 blocks away from the hut. This could be problematic though, as the Witch is patrolling outside and might begin to attack you immediately. 

2: Pillager Outpost

Seed: -1377070561682066168 (230, 130)
With this seed, you will spawn on the edge of a Swamp Biome in Minecraft. Not too far away is the Witches Hut, sitting near some trees. If you’re looking for a little more danger, in the distance, you will spot a Pillager Outpost, which is swarming with Illagers. Kill the Outpost Captain in order to get the Bad Omen effect and start a raid at a nearby village.

1: Isolated Witch Hut

Seed: -1672152694 (75, -200)
Here is another Witches Hut Minecraft Seed, this one though is a little further away, maybe around 200 or so blocks. It’s in the middle of the river, so it’s best that you have a boat in order to get to it. Head in the opposite direction to the coordinates 40, 320 to find a Village in the dessert where you can set-up a base or do trading with the villagers.

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