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With Minecraft 1.14, we saw the release of the Village & Pillage update which added a few new blocks to the game. Many texture and resource packs are already supporting these new items and the latest update. 

In this post, we’re going to show you some of the best Minecraft Texture & Resource packs available for Minecraft 1.14. We’ve sorted these packs in descending order, going by the number of downloads according to PlanetMinecraft. 

One of the best ways to make Minecraft look better and more realistic on PC is by using a Shader Pack. Below, you can see a list of some of the best Minecraft Resource Packs available for download. If you want to check out some more Minecraft content including guides and best-of lists, you can view our dedicated area here!

10. Chroma Hills RPG

The developer for Chroma Hills RPG states it’s a texture pack with cartoon styling, although looking at the screenshots, I disagree. There’s definitely a sense of realism there with the textures. The pack currently supports 128x and 64x resolution with 32x coming in a future update.

9. Full of Life – Photo Realistic

Another realistic texture pack for Minecraft 1.14 is ‘Full of Life’. It changes the default textures so that they are gritty and hold a lot of detail. It’s another pack that would look good with adventure maps, especially those of the RPG kind. This texture pack also has support for Normal & Specular maps.

8. Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch is a work in progress texture pack, meaning it’s still being updated by the developer constantly. However, looking at the screenshots, it already looks beautiful and looks like a great choice for large-scale or adventure-map type worlds. It will really excel with the use of Optifine and Shaders.

7. Flows HD 1.14

Again, we have another realistic and modern looking texture/resource pack for Minecraft. As you can see on the image above, it reworks a lot of the decorative blocks in the game to be a similar style, allowing you to build a unique looking home. Although the image above is using a Minecraft shader.

6. Serene HD

Serene HD is another realistic styled texture pack for Minecraft 1.14. If you’re wanting to build a modern looking world and structures, then this pack is a good option. Looking at the house on the screenshot above to the left really shows how well this texture pack works. The screenshot above uses a shader to achieve the lighting and shadows. 

5. Sapixcraft

Sapixcraft is a cartoon-like texture pack, which in my opinion are the best types of packs to download and install. A lot of realistic packs fail to work due to the blocky nature of Minecraft. Sapixcraft is similar to Sphax, if you have ever used that pack before due it’s polygon like shapes on the textures.

4. Moderna HD

This pack aims to make your buildings and structures in Minecraft look more modern, by using realistic materials and textures. The textures are seamless and look great. However if you want to achieve the same result as the screenshot above, you’ll need to also use a Minecraft Shader. 

3. Jolicraft

Jolicraft is a texture pack which seems to have a mixture of the realism and cartoon style. By the looks of it, it changes every block in the game including adding new paintings, tools, break animations and more. It also changes some enemies such as the Ghast to look massively different to it’s original texture. 

2. Realistic Adventure

Realistic Adventure is a texture pack which aims to make Minecraft look as realistic and colorful as possible. However, don’t be deceived by the screenshots on the page as they are taken with a shader activated. All this block does is change the texture of the blocks, not add the same lighting and water that you see on the screenshot above.

1. Default 3D

Default 3D is a Minecraft texture pack which changes the look of certain blocks. Instead of changing the textures of the game, it keeps it looking the same as you’ve always seen it, except making some of the textures 3D. You can see an example of this on the crafting table above. There are 4 different presets available, Low, Medium, High & Snapshot.

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