Best Nintendo Switch carry cases


Best Nintendo Switch carry cases

Nintendo Switch is a massive hit, that’s for sure. In January 2018, it was revealed that the console had become the fastest selling game console in US history. Selling a massive 4.8 Million units since its March 2017 release.

The main selling point of the Switch has to be its portability. Being able to play games such as Zelda, Splatoon and Skyrim on the go is a game changer for most. Especially for people who travel or spend time away from home.

With portability, we all want a way to carry our Nintendo Switch in style, whilst being able to still hold all of the necessities such as Joy-Cons, Game Cartridges, Chargers and even the Dock on some occasions.

You want to provide protection to your device too, and ensure its easy to carry. That’s why in this article, we’re going to give you a glimpse of some of the best carry cases currently on the market! All the links here will link back to Amazon, as it’s mostly worldwide and easier for everyone.

Tomtoc Slim Case

Tomtoc slim nintendo switch case

Firstly, we have this portable-only case by tomtoc. Whilst not able to carry as many accessories as some other cases in this post, it still packs a punch. It’s so slim & lightweight that carrying it round anywhere is a breeze. Even with how compact it is, you can still store up to 8 cartridges inside, as well as an extra pouch for chargers. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to carry, store and access, this may be for you. You can view it on Amazon here.

Orzly Carry Case

Orzly Switch Hard Shell case

The Orzly Carry Case is capable of holding your Switch, some small-sized accessories and up to 8 game cartridges. This case offers a lot of great features to help protect your Nintendo Switch, such as elastic straps to stop it moving out of place. Inside is also a protective cushion to keep the screen covered and prevent any scratches from forming. You can choose to purchase this case in a few different colors, including Black, Blue, Pink & Red. Take a look at some of it’s color options here.

Hard Shell Carry Case

Hard Shell Carry Case for Nintendo switch

This case is similar to the previous one we mentioned, except it is slightly bigger, has more slots for cartridges and a zipped pouch. It offers a hard, protective outer casing reducing the risk of damage if you happen to drop the Switch. Also helps if it gets tossed around at security inside an airport. I use this one myself, although it’s by a different brand in the UK. This case can hold up to 20 cartridges, and has a small zip compartment for your Joy-Cons and cables. It’s available on the Amazon Marketplace. On Amazon US, it’s sold by Hestia Goods.

Deluxe System Case

Deluxe System Case for Nintendo Switch

This Deluxe System Case by RDS Industries is one of the best choices. It’s capable of holding everything you could need, including the Console, Accessories, Dock and even the Joy-Con comfort grip. The bag is a very compact size, making it easy to carry on any journey. It also has a hard shell, providing a high level of protection just in case you accidentally drop it. If you want to travel with all of your accessories easily, this case is definitely one of your best choices. View this case over at Amazon.

Everywhere Messenger Bag

Everywhere Messenger bag for nintendo switch

Finally, the Nintendo Switch Everywhere Messenger Bag is a perfect solution for a carry case. It’s officially licensed by Nintendo, and is capable of carrying the entire console, accessories and dock inside. There is also extra space for your Pro Controller and anything else you can fit inside. Whilst it may not be suitable for travelling by plane, it’s perfect for taking it to a friends house. It definitely ticks the style boxes too. With this messenger bag, you will also receive an internal case, allowing you to carry just the handheld console safely. Check this case out.

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