Best Operators in Rainbow Six Siege: Who & How to Choose


GamingBest Operators in Rainbow Six Siege: Who & How to Choose

The number of Rainbow Six Siege Operators is now 54 with the addition of Iana and Oryx at the beginning of year 5 for the Ubisoft title. Each operator in the game has it’s own unique abilities, strengths, play-style and difficulty.

This chooses who you pick each round very important, taking into account team composition, familiarity with the operator and abilities to help improve your chances of victory. 

Choosing Operators In Rainbow Six Siege 

List of Operators in Rainbow Six Siege
Year 1 Operators

Operators are split between defensive and offensive teams and their abilities reflect that. Offensive operators have ability strengths that make finding and taking out objectives and enemies easier.

On the other hand, Defensive Operators have abilities that lock-down areas, set traps and strengthen the surveillance of areas. Every game, you’re going to play with both roles, so you’re going to need to get used to at least one on each side. 


Firstly, you’re going to need to take your skill level into consideration. Some operators in Rainbow Six Siege are more difficult to play than others. A character’s difficulty is displayed next to them in the selection screen, represented by three dots.

The more dots an operator has in difficulty, the harder they are to play to their full potential. Newer players should stick to lower difficulty operators before moving onto the tougher ones. At least do some research on their kit, and look at some tutorials on each of them.


The second thing you’re going to need to take into account in choosing an Operator in Rainbow Six Siege is the abilities they have. As mentioned earlier, the abilities of each operator are based on which side they are on, but can still vary massively from operator to operator.

Offensive Operators have abilities like having an under-barrel shotgun on your rifle, having a crossbow and being also being able to set off electronics which reveal enemy positions. Defensive operators have abilities that make it harder to reach objectives, such as traps, and extra surveillance cameras. 

Armor and Speed

The final factor for choosing the best operator in Rainbow Six Siege is looking at the operators armor and speed. Armor helps your operator take more hits from enemies, and speed is how fast you move, obviously.

This is going to depend on your play style, do you like to run and gun? Then speed is going to be for you. Or instead, if you like to move slowly and take point first, then having more armor isn’t a bad idea.