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Sims 4Best Sims 4 Mods for Furniture

We’ve covered a few best-of mod lists now for The Sims 4. It only felt right to cover one for the Best Furniture Mods. These are mods that add new objects that you can place into your Sims home, most are room specific.

There where thousands of different options to choose from as the Sims 4 modding community is still huge after 5 years. So we went by the community’s choice, looking at some mods which are the most downloaded.

Below, you can see our list for the best Sims 4 furniture mods in 2019. If you want to check out our other list and Sims 4 content, you can view our dedicated area here.

Apple Set

If you want to add some realistic item to The Sims 4, you should consider adding this Apple set. The description doesn’t reveal much, but we know that it adds two new computers (iMac’s) and two laptops (MacBook’s). There are 2 variations of each item, with the difference being the size.

Calligraphik Bedroom

The Calligraphik Bedroom adds some new bedroom furniture item to The Sims 4. There are 12 items included, which can all be seen on the image above. The name comes from the fact that a lot of these furniture items have text on them, such as the pillows, canvas and drawers. 


Melina is a bedroom set for toddlers in The Sims 4. In total, it adds 19 new items to the game which can all be seen on the image above. Some of the items include a tent, 2 different storage, floor pillows, bed curtains and more. The set also has a consistent theme, with the light purple/grey color.

Pacific Heights Bathroom

The Pacific Heights Bathroom set adds a lot of new furniture which are of a similar style to the game. In total, there are 12 new furniture items included with this mod including a bath, shower, toilet, sink, tiles and much more. There are also different color variations for some of the furniture so you can design your bathroom exactly how you want. 

ECO Living Room

Adds a set of furniture which is for living rooms, following an eco styled theme. This mod adds 17 objects in total which include 2 sofas, 1 chair, fireplace, 3 tables, a rug and much more. All of these items can be seen on the screenshot above.

Nature In

Nature In is a set designed for the kitchen, giving it an organic and natural, yet modern feeling. Not much information is given in the description on the number/type of items added, but we can see from the images that it includes new chairs, cabinets, plant wall, bar and more with each having different color options.

Mila Art Hobby Set

The Mila Art Hobby set is great for Sims who have taken up art as a hobby. In total, it adds 21 new decorative objects and 2 recolors. For those of you wanting to create some realistic/immersive environments such as a hobby room, this mod works great.

Princess Nursery

Another good furniture mod for toddlers is the Princess Nursery. It adds furniture in the form of a castle, functional towers – shelves, bookshelf and dresser. Meanwhile, the arch (bridge) and the small wall are decorative. In total, there are 11 objects added with 3 recolors (pink, blue and beige).

Goldis Bathroom

Our final bathroom furniture mod is Goldis Bathroom. It adds more modern furniture to The Sims 4 which includes a large round bathtub. Other furniture items that are included are a towel rack, shelving and lighting. There are a few different color options also available for each furniture piece.

Twins Kids Room

Finally, we have the Twins Kids Room for The Sims 4. In total, there are 19 objects added with this mod which includes items such as beds, dressers, shelves, carpets, toy planes, blankets, lamps and more. There are different color options available depending on the gender of the children as seen on the image above.

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