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Mods are already available for Surviving the Aftermath, and allow you to add community made content straight into the game. In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the best mods which are currently available for PC and Xbox One.

As the game reaches a Steam release, and leaves early access, we expect the modding scene will grow massively. More mods will become available, which will hopefully add new structures, mechanics and features.

Here at PwrDown, we’ve covered some more content when it comes to Surviving the Aftermath, including guides and best-of lists.

5: Colony Symbol Pack

colony symbol pack

At the start of the game, you can create your colony and choose your own logo (symbol). The choices are relatively limited. But with this mod, you’ll have access to 14 new symbols. These new symbols are very vibrant and colorful, with 6 coming from Crossout.

4: Hexagon Disaster Pack

disaster pack

Here’s another pack from the Hexagon series, with this one adding 9 new disasters to Surviving the Aftermath. Currently, these new storms include Bushfire Smoke, Dust Storms, Large Meteor Fall, Nuclear Winter, Solar Flare, Thunderstorm, Tornado and Toxic Fog. After installing this mod, you can expect more of a challenge for your colony, with more dangerous disasters happening as your population increases.

3: Aftermath Cheat Mode


If you want to enable cheats in your Surviving the Aftermath game, then look no further. This simple mod enables the cheat menu that the developers have blocked access to. Overall, it adds plenty of options including adding tech points, unlocking all tech tree items, spawning in resources, disabling survival features such as thirst and hunger, instant building and many more options.

2: Hexagon Buildings Pack

hexagon buildings

This mod adds many new types of buildings and structures into Surviving the Aftermath. Some of the new buildings include, Chain Link Fences, Advanced Toolshop, Chicken Farm, Container House, Power Generator, Watermill, Windmill Water Pump, Rustic Toilets, Incinerator and much more.

1: Resource Factory

resource factory mod

Finally, we have the Resource Factory mod. It’s a cheat mod, as it will passively generate all sorts of materials. It’s really cheap to craft too, with it only costing 1 Metal, 1 Plank and 1 Plastic, allowing it to be crafted from the start of your game. There’s different groups available, allowing you to freely generate different types of resources. The main aim of this mod is to reduce the need of scavengers, and free up some workers.

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