Borderlands 2 is Coming to PSVR

Lock your loads and try not to blow them. Borderlands 2, the hit shooter by Gearbox Software, is being released as a VR game later this year. It’s Borderlands 2 VR!

According to Gearbox and 2K (the publisher), Borderlands 2 is being converted into a VR game for the PlayStation VR with a $50 price tag and a surprisingly soon release date of December 14. Borderlands 2 VR will be the entire original game from 2012, complete with all 4 playable vault hunters.

The game will also cater to the new format, introducing new VR-specific perks like BAMF time (Bad Ass Mega Fun Time), which slows down everything but the player for a short period of time. It even will offer PlayStation Move controller support, for FULL IMMERSION.

You can also expect all of the common VR forms of locomotion, including teleporting around the map instead of direct movement. Those prone to simulator sickness should opt in for this mode of motion, instead.

The Catch: it’s single player only. Unfortunately, the game will not support multiplayer. Though according to Brian Burleson, Gearbox Producer, the team has worked their way around this restriction to improve player experience.

“Since Borderlands 2 VR is a single-player experience, we updated previous skills that relied on a co-op partner, such as Maya’s “Res” ability, which now is called “Empathy” – causing Phaselock to deplete half your current health, damaging enemies based on how much health you lost, and doubling healing during BAMF Time.”

Borderlands 2 VR will be available on PlayStation VR for $49.99 on December 14.


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