Borderlands 3 Dead Drop Cache Location in Meridian Outskirts


GamingBorderlands 3 Dead Drop Cache Location in Meridian Outskirts

Typhon Dead Drop Caches are containers in Borderlands 3 that contain loot such as weapons, grenades, shields and more. There is usually one for each area, and they can only be unlocked after finding all of the areas Typhon Logs. 

In Meridian Outskirts, the Dead Drop Cache is hidden and quite hard to find. No matter, as below we’ve put together a quick guide for getting into the secret room which contains the cache.

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Typhon Dead Drop Cache

When you have found all 3 Typhon Logs in Meridian Outskirts, you will have the map marker for the Dead Drop Cache. As you head to the location, it will say that the cache is above you, even though it’s not possible to go higher.

The Elevator

That’s because this is sort of like a little puzzle that needs to be worked out. All you have to do, is send the elevator down without stepping inside. Once it’s at the bottom, call it up again using the button. As the elevator is on it’s way back up, step on top of it. 

You will be standing on top of the elevator, and sent upwards with it towards a secret room. There should be an opening in the wall that you can jump through into a secret room. In here, you will find the Typhon Dead Drop Cache.

The Dead Drop Cache

Search it to get your loot. Once done, there will be a hole in the ground nearby, allowing you to jump back down into the main part of the complex.

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