Borderlands 3: How to Open the Laundry Trapdoor


One of the quests/missions in Borderlands 3 will have you travelling around the map looking for a new antenna for Claptrap. With one of these antennas being a clothes hanger, it’s found in a laundry room.

The only issue is that this laundry room is sealed with a trapdoor. Whilst the solution for this mini-puzzle is quite easy, we thought it’s worth writing a short guide on.

Below, you can see how to access the laundry room in the game. For more Borderlands 3 Guides & Best-of content for PS4, PC and Xbox One, make sure to check out our dedicated area here

Opening the Trapdoor

When you head to the trapdoor, there is no way to interact with it. Shooting it will also say that it’s invulnerable. Wait long enough, and Claptrap will start giving you some hints.

The trapdoor

All you have to do, is climb up to the ledge above. You’ll see some metal sticking off the edge, head up to that. Once there, Claptrap will say that you need to jump and crouch at the same time.

Jump off the ledge

So sprint to the edge of the metal and jump, and as you begin falling, crouch. This will cause your character to have a special animation where they hit the ground with a lot of force. Landing on the trapdoor will open it, allowing you to get inside. 

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