Borderlands 3: Typhon Logs Locations for Ascension Bluff


In Borderlands 3, you will find these giant locked containers around the map. These are called ‘Dead Drop Caches’. Inside, you will find loot including weapons, shields and grenade mods. They can’t be opened until you have found all of the Typhon Logs of an area.

A Dead Drop Cache
A Dead Drop Cache

You can check your Challenge List for the area you are in to see how many Typhon Logs you need to obtain. Finding Typhon Logs and opening the chest will contribute to an areas percentage of completion. 

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Log Locations

Below, you can see map locations for all 3 Typhon Logs in Ascension Bluff in Borderlands 3. They shouldn’t be too hard to find, just head to the red circle on the map in your own game. Once you are close enough to a Typhon Log, a minimap marker will be available.

If the images above are too low quality in the gallery, open them up individually and zoom in. The map in Borderlands 3 varies on which way you are facing in-game, so the images above won’t be in an identical orientation to your own map. 

Once you have obtained all of the logs in Ascension Bluff, you will be able to open the Dead Drop Cache. The location of this will be shown on your map with an icon.

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