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You can change your name in League of Legends at any time. Only your Summoner Name though, and not your account name. The difference between these two names is that your Summoner Name is what appears in game and what everyone sees you by. Whereas the Account Name is what you use to login to the client.

Having a rare League of Legends summoner name is always desired. But you’ll need to use a name checker before-hand, to see if the name you want is available. Riot Games has occasional clean-ups, where older names which are inactive will become available again.

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How to Check for Available LoL Names

There are a few ways to check if there are names available in League of Legends. I’d recommend using the League of Legends client for reliability. 

Use the League Client

You can use the League of Legends Client to see if the Summoner Name you want is available. Open the Store in the Client, and press the ‘Account’ button found in the top right corner of the window. 

league of legends client
Check for a Summoner Name in the Client

From there, choose the ‘Summoner Name Change’ option. Input the Summoner Name you want, and choose the ‘Check Name’ button. You’ll be told instantly whether the username is available to use.

Use a Name Checker

Websites exist which allow you to check whether League of Legends Summoner Names are available. These likely search for the profile, and see if a profile already exists by looking at the match history. If it does exist, it will then check the match history.

From there, a date can be determined on when that Summoner Name will become available, as 30 months of inactivity will cause an account to be elegible for a clean up, making a name become available.

lol name checker
Searching in a Name Checker

One of these websites is Other sites exist, although they aren’t as reliable and some are having problems connecting to the Riot API service. With this site, you can also add the date to your calendar on when the name might be next available. 

How to Change Your Username

If your desired Summoner Name is available, then you can change it in the League of Legends Client. The total cost is 1300RP (Riot Points) or 13900BE (Blue Essence).

Riot Points are a currency that you can purchase with real cash. Whereas Blue Essence is a reward that you gain after each game, as well as for completing missions. It shouldn’t take too long to reach 13900 Blue Essence.

Head to the store in the Client, and choose the Account button. From there, you can choose the Summoner Name Change option.

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