CSGO: Tips for Ranking Up & Getting Better


Tips for Ranking Up and Getting Better at Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of, if not the most popular first person shooter currently available on PC. Matches can be long and tiresome, especially if you’re on the loosing end. However, follow some of our tips below and you should at least be able to find yourself on the winning side more often.


Before heading into any competitive game, try and get some practise in. This could be in a private or public server. Try to get a bit of both in. Practising in a private server will allow you to practise what you feel you need to, such as head shots & grenade trajectories. Whilst practising in public servers will give you a good idea on what your ping will be and put you against real players.

There is nothing worse than heading into a competitive match in Counter Strike and suffering from extreme lag. The best map to get some aim training in on would be Aim Botz. You have full control of the map using the provided buttons around the edges of the map.


A lot of players don’t like using a microphone or voice chat when playing competitive games like Counter Strike. You’re quite likely to face toxic players who may blame you for anything they can, and most people can’t be dealing with that. It’s probable that in some games, the entire team may not even speak your language. If you’re able to get past this barrier and use voice communication, then you should definitely try to. You can call out positions of enemies, gun locations and which site to defend or attack.

If you still don’t want to use voice communications, you can use the in-game communication menu. By default, these are bound on your keyboard to Z, X & C. Take a look at them and get used to the key controls for using them in the heat of the moment.

Counter Strike tips for ranking up and getting better communication menu
In game communication menu

Learn your map call outs

When sending out information such as known enemy positions, you will need to know areas of the map. This album shows the names of some common areas on most maps. Whilst this Reddit Thread provides you with images to replace your radar. In game, you can change the images of your radar to show the area names on them which is a massive help. Although you will pick up all of this information as you play more anyway.

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Know when to eco & save

Players in your game in Counter Strike may suggest an ‘eco’ round, or ‘save’ which is also commonly heard. When an eco round is called, it means the player is suggesting that all players don’t purchase any weapons, armour or grenades for that round. If you have a lot of money, you could possibly buy yourself a cheap SMG without armour or a Desert Eagle for example. An eco round gives all the players on the team a chance to earn some money and provides some coordination into the team, getting ready for one big round with full buys.

If somebody tells you to save, they’re simply suggesting that you lay low and hold onto your weapons, armour and grenades. Find a spot where you can hide until the round ends. Either to the bomb blowing up or the round timing out. It helps you save money going into the next round.

Get used to the different sounds

Sound is possibly one of the most important factors to getting better at Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It’s not really something that’s just there, it’s an actual game mechanic. Valve are always updating sounds of the games for whether players are jumping, climbing or running on different ground types.

Try and learn all the different sounds and if possible, grab yourself a surround sound headset. That way, you can also find out which direction the players are in, including above and below. Test out the Audio Test Chamber map to get used to different sounds and directions. Another great tip that works alongside this is start sneaking when you may be around enemies. It makes you silent when walking.

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