Dark Deception: Monkey Business guide


GamingDark Deception: Monkey Business guide

Monkey business is the first horrifying chapter of Dark Deception. A brand new horror game where you must complete eight trails to retrieve all the pieces of a ring and make it out alive. It goes without saying that this chapter is intense and very difficult. That’s why we’ve brought you this handy guide to get you through in one piece! Additionally, you can find more guides and updates for this game right here!

How to survive

The aim is to run around the maze of corridors collecting purple gems. However, you’re not alone. Hot on your tail is a group of ravenous monkeys looking to catch you and kill you off. The only way to escape is to collect all 289 gems and make it back to the portal in one piece.

Keep in mind that this level is very difficult. The monkeys will always be close behind, so always keep a finger on the sprint button. Additionally, avoid taking the longer corner routes if you’re close to being caught. You can always loop around again and pick up the missed gems.

You have three lives in total so plan your run with this in mind. Focus on picking up 100 gems per life. It may seem like a challenge but once get hold of some powerups, life becomes a lot easier.

There are two available powerups hidden in the maze. Picking up the yellow gem will stop the monkeys from chasing you for a short time. Use this opportunity to pick up gems in the corners of the maze. Picking up the red gem reveals the location of all monkeys on the map. This makes it easier to plan your route so you don’t get caught.

Tips to keep in mind

  • Monkeys will always take the shortest route to get to you. Lingering for a moment might open new routes for you.

  • Split the map into quarters. Start clearing one and as soon as the monkeys get close, move onto the next one.

  • Don’t be afraid to skip groups of gems. It’s easier to loop back round to them.


Keep this guide and all the tips in mind and you’ll make it safely out of the maze in no time! Let us know your fastest time in the comments below!