Darwin Project: Beginners Guide, Tips and Tricks

darwin project how to play beginners guide tips and tricks

Darwin Project is one of many Battle Royale games to recently hit the market. Whilst it has the same cartoon like appearance as Fortnite and being in the same genre as PUBG, it’s a completely unique game. There is a lot to learn before playing. In this post, we’re going to give a beginners guide as well as some tips and tricks to help you get started!

Whilst previously a pay to play game, Darwin Project became free (just today) massively increasing its player base. From my initial impressions, it’s definitely different to other BR games on the market. It has more of a Hunger Games feeling with the need to survive by building fires and having someone dictate the match.

The Crafting Wheel

One of the most important aspects to Darwin Project is your crafting wheel. It’s where all your ‘blueprints’ are stored, to be accessed in game. By default, you can access the crafting wheel in game by pressing Q. Inside, you will be able to craft items such as armour, arrows, traps and abilities using materials such as wood, electronics and leather.

It’s important to note that you can customise the crafting wheel completely, choosing what you want to have. For example, instead of sticking to default arrows, you can actually have flaming arrows. We covered this in slightly more depth here.

Fighting the cold

After being exposed to the elements for too long, your screen will probably begin to freeze around the edges. In this case, use your crafting wheel to build a fire. Be wary though, other players (and yourself) can craft snowballs to put out your fire and potentially send you to your death!

Gathering resources

One of the most needed materials in Darwin Project is wood. As expected, you can farm it from trees in the area. However not every tree can be chopped. You need to specifically look for trees with a glowing blue outline.

Likewise, Leather can be found by searching sofa pieces and you will be alerted when Electronics have dropped at a location. You might also come across loot chests scattered around the area which can drop materials too.

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