Darwin Project: How to Collect Wood and Chop Trees


Darwin Project can be very confusing at first, as it isn’t a clone of other Battle Royale games and offers a lot of unique mechanics and features. One of the most necessary materials to craft stuff would be wood.

You can farm wood by hitting trees with your axe, however not every tree works. You need to look for trees that have a blue outline around them, as these are the only ones you can chop. Just walk up to the tree and hit it with your axe, like you would a player. You can also find wood inside of loot chests scattered around the world.

Once your character completes the animation, you will receive 1 wood, which is usually enough to craft items in the crafting wheel, such as bear traps or armor pieces. Any item in Darwin Project with a blue outline can be interacted with.

How to hit trees and get wood in darwin project
A tree that can be chopped, due to its blue outline

To start crafting items, by default hold Q on PC to open the crafting wheel. In here, you can look through the selection of items and their requirements. Some items may need leather to craft, or electronics. Remember that you can customise your crafting wheel from the main menu.

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Darwin Project is still a pretty new game, so it’s possible that changes could come to this system in the future! We have a few more guides here.

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