Darwin Project: How to craft items, weapons & traps


Darwin Project is a relatively new Battle Royale game which just became free to play today! With a lot of new players joining, there are a lot of questions to be answered. In this quick guide, we’re going to show you how to craft items including weapons, traps, armor and more.

When in-game, you can craft items from the Crafting Wheel. By default, this is the Q key on your keyboard. It’s important to note however that you can customise your crafting wheel from the main menu.

For example, instead of using default arrows, you can change them to ‘Hunter Arrows’ where they deal the same amount of damage, but 50 less damage for head shots. Instead, you trade that 50 damage for the ability to track your enemy for 5 seconds after hitting them. There are lots of options to choose from!

how to craft items in darwin project
The Crafting Wheel customisation screen

When it comes to traps, you can choose between Bear Traps, Tripwires, Cage Traps, Gliders and even Rigged Chests. Experiment in-game and find out which build/load out you like best. Look through different cloaks as they all offer different abilities. For example, building resistance to the cold or adding more stamina to your character.

Crafting items in-game

Once you have a configuration you like, save your customisation wheel and go into a solo or duo game. As previously stated, you can open the wheel in game with Q by default on PC. I’m not sure what the key is on Xbox One.

Crafting items will require materials such as wood, leather and electronics. Wood and Leather is easy to farm, just hit tree’s or search sofas for most of it. Hover over the item you want to craft and select it.

Your character may have to do a small animation, so make sure you’re in a safe area and not out in the open. Items can also be stacked multiple times. So you can make the fur cloak 5 times for example to increase it’s resistance to the cold. Whilst traps can be placed on the ground or in buildings to gain an advantage.

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