Dead Frontier 2: Outpost Locations


GamingDead Frontier 2: Outpost Locations

Outposts are a vital part of Dead Frontier 2. They offer trading posts, trainers and quests. They also serve as a safe zone where you can access menus and your inventory without being at risk.

Below we’ll guide you through the locations of each outpost, their level requirements and what you can expect to find when you reach them. You can find more Dead Frontier 2 guides here.

Outpost Locations

To reach the outpost locations, you’ll need fuel for your car and better parts to travel further. These items can be bought on the market or found by searching and looting buildings.

Outpost names will always appear in yellow while you’re in the main street. This makes towns easier to navigate, so you can beeline to safety if you’re low on health.

Dallbow Outpost

Located in the centre of the map Dallbow serves as the games starting area. Dallbow Police Department serves as the outpost and offers quests that will assist you through levels 1-5.

Haverbrook Outpost

Located on the far right-hand side of the map, Haverbrook offers slightly more challenging enemies. Haverbrook Memorial Hospital will provide you with quests to get you through levels 5-15.

Greywood Outpost

Located to the far left of the map, Greywood is where the real challenge kicks in. Enemies hit harder and faster, so make sure you’re quick on the trigger. Greywood star Hotel will offer you quests for levelling between 15-20. Although, we don’t recommend visiting here until you’re levelled up and fully equipped.

Whilst you’re at an outpost, be sure to search every room. Some rooms contain NPCs that can offer quests or dialogue. While other rooms have lootable items that can bag you much-needed ammo or meds.