Deadcells Makes More Profit on Nintendo

Ever since the release of Nintendo’s Switch, Nintendo has been making a hard push for indie games on their platform. For those who don’t know, an indie game is short for¬†independent video game.

These are games that are created without support from a publisher. The Switch as many indie titles on it. From small lesser known titles, to more popular ones like Hollow Knight.

With the recent title Deadcells, this push does seem to be working. A marketing member for Deadcells claims that the game has made four times the amount of money on Switch as opposed to PlayStation 4. No official data released on this to backup the claim, but if it’s true then what does this mean?

It would appears that Nintendo has made the right move on their push for more indie games. It may also cause inspiration for other game developers to push their content onto the Switch, which is in need of more games. One thing is for certain though. The Deadcells developers must be happy right now.

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