Ending Your League of Legends Account


League of LegendsEnding Your League of Legends Account

I’ve seen a lot of people talk about wanting to deactivate their League of Legends Account. Likely because they’re outgrowing the game and its community, or simply don’t have time to play anymore.

Ashe, a League of Legends Champion

Well luckily, you have multiple options available. There’s the option to delete your League of Legends account, which will make it irrecoverable. Otherwise, it can be deactivated, where it will remain, but can’t be used until it’s activated again.

In this guide, I’ll show you how you can do either of these options. Note that I don’t work for Riot Games, and information in this post was gathered from the Official Riot FAQ Page.

Required information for account deletion or deactivation

Before you can make such drastic changes to your League of Legends account, Riot Games will need some information from you. This is to ensure that it is in-fact you making the decisions, and not somebody who might have hacked your account.

According to the FaQ, this information includes your Account Name, Summoner Name, Server, Creation Date, Location and Email Address. Without this information, you won’t be able to delete or deactivate your LoL account.

How to Delete a League of Legends Account

When you choose to delete your League of Legends account, it becomes unrecoverable. This means once it’s gone, it’s really gone. You will never have access to the account or its items again. Therefor you need to make sure that you’re making the right decision when deleting your account. The process is completely irreversible too, and you won’t be eligible for any refunds.

Once you’ve submitted for your League of Legends account to be deleted, the process supposedly takes 15 days. Within these 15 days, you can still save your account by contacting Riot, as long as you give them at least 5 days notice before the final deletion date.

One thing to note is that once your account has in fact been deleted, all of your information becomes usable on a new account. This includes your email address & username.

If you do feel ready to delete your League of Legends account, you can submit a request here over at the Riot site.

How to Deactivate a League of Legends Account

Deactivating a League of Legends account is much different to deleting it. When you choose to deactivate an account, it becomes inaccessible. However, it still exists and sits in Riots system.

To regain access to the account, you simply have to contact Riot. It’s made very clear on the Riot FAQ that when you choose to deactivate an account, the rank will still decay.

When you deactivate account, no data such as skins, username or match history is lost. It’s simply the same as taking a break. I highly recommend you choose this option, unless you really want your account deleted.

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