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About Health in Don’t Starve

Health is one of the mechanics in Don’t Starve, which runs alongside Hunger and Sanity. However your Health doesn’t drain naturally like the others do.

Although that doesn’t mean you’ll struggle to loose Health. There are a lot of different ways in Don’t Starve which can deplete your Health amount. Such methods include being attacked, being too hungry, eating bad/poisonous foods and many more.

Don't Starve how to heal
Keep your base fortified

When you loose all of your Health in Don’t Starve, your character will die. Unfortunatley, death is permanent unless your have an Amulet of Life, have found a touch stone or used one of the other methods of being resurrected in game.

In this post, we’ll show you many ways which you can regain and restore Health in Don’t Starve. These methods also work in Don’t Starve Together for when your playing with friends.

How to Heal in Don’t Starve

Below, we’ve listed some of the most practical and easy methods for healing your player in Don’t Starve.

Gain Health by Eating

Most foods in Don’t Starve will provide health, usually in smaller numbers between 1 and 5. However, cooking up meals in a Crock pot rapidly increases the amount of health given. For example, Fish Sticks which require half of a fish and one twig will restore 40 Health when it’s eaten.

PierogiĀ can be cooked in Don’t Starve using 1 piece of meat, 1 egg and 1 vegetable and will also restore 40 Health making it an easy to cook food item. If you have any Dragonfruit, you can also throw this in a crock pot to create Dragon Pie which will grant 40 HP (health points) each.

If you have a drying rack built in your base in Don’t Starve, you can hang your raw meat on it. Doing this, you will receive Jerky which can restore 20 Health points. You should always try to dry your raw meat out into Jerky when possible.

Eating Honey will heal you for 3 health points, and it’s really easy to obtain if you have a Bee box farm. However, if you have Papyrus you can use Honey to create ‘Honey Poultice’ which will heal you for 30 Health points instead. We’ll talk more about it below.

Heal by eating and keep food fresh in a fridge in Don't Starve
Keep your food in a fridge to stop it rotting as fast

Using Healing products

One of the first items that will allow you to heal in Don’t Starve is a Spider Gland. Spider Glands will be dropped by Spiders when you kill them. Using them on your player will allow you to restore 8 points of health. Thankfully, they’re quite easy to come by and are a great use for healing.

However, Spider Glands can be used to create Healing Salves in Don’t Starve. Healing Salves will allow you to heal for 20 Health Points, and will require 1 Spider Gland, 2 Ashes and 1 Rock to create.

As mentioned before, Honey grants 3 Health. However if you have Papyrus, which is refined using reeds, you can create Honey Poultice. Honey Poultice will allow you to restore 30 Health and it doesn’t spoil. It can be crafted using 1 Papyrus and 2 sets of Honey.

If you’re desperate to restore health, you can eat Blue Mushrooms. You’ll be able to pick them during night time in Don’t Starve, and it will restore 20 Health by eating it. However, eating one Blue Mushroom will reduce your sanity by 15. So only use them in desperate situations.

Finally, wearing a Life Giving Amulet will let you heal for 5 points for the cost of 5 Sanity and 5% of the items durability. If you keep the amulet on, when you die in game, your character will be resurrected and the amulet will be destroyed.


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