Doom Eternal: Every Enemy Class


GamingDoom Eternal: Every Enemy Class

In Doom Eternal, you are going to face mass amounts of demons from hell, but not every demon is built the same. Doom Eternal has a ton of enemy diversity through its many levels.

Some of the enemies in the game are more dangerous than others and the game throws a large combination of that at you in every encounter.  These enemies include

  • Arch-vile – This enemy can summon and empower other demons and give himself a literal firewall 
  • Archnotron – Spider demons with destroyable cannons on top of them 
  • Baron of Hell – Upgraded Tyrant

Doom Eternal Enemy types

  • Cacodemon – gigantic flying eyes are awful but weak to Ballista and grenades
  • Carcass – Support type demons that can project shield walls to protect other demons
  • Cyber Mancubus – Upgraded Mancubus, weak to bloodpunch
  • Doom Hunter – Sub Boss, has two phases
  • Dread Knight – Heavy assault-type, stun them to make them weaker
  • Gargoyle – it shoots fireballs and flies
  • Imp – Basic demon, weak to everything you can do 
  • Lost Soul – One-shot kamikaze demons, 
  • Mancubus – Brumak-esque heavy demons, you can take out their cannons to make them weak at long range
  • Marauders – Sub Bosses that take timing and patience to kill, also have a hound they can summon to slow you down when they attack

Doom Eternal Marauders

  • Maykr Drones – Headshots are the way to go, if you do headshot they explode a bunch of ammo, like a pinata 
  • Tyrant – Giant Demons, explosives and heavy fire rates are the way to go. 
  • Pain Elemental – Upgraded Cacodemons with no weakness to grenades can also spawn Lost Souls 
  • Pinky – Bull style charging enemies with weak backsides
  • Revenant -The series most iconic demon type, shoot out their cannons to stop them from flying and shooting rockets

Revenant Doom Eternal

  • Soldiers – Basic enemy type, slightly above cannon fodder, sometimes has shields that are weak to plasma rifle fire 
  • Zombie – cannon fodder, use them to get resources