Doom Eternal: How To Find Collectables


GamingDoom Eternal: How To Find Collectables

Throughout every level that you play on in Doom Eternal: there will be various secrets and collectables throughout the map.

Some of these collectables are hidden and take some creativity and a pair of keen eyes to find, while others are pretty obvious. Sometimes they are even put right in front of you as you progress through the level. So depending on which one you’re looking for, you might need some help to find them. 

Doom Eternal Secret locations
Map View

Below, we’ll quickly explain Collectables in Doom Eternal, as well as show you where to find them. For more Doom Eternal Guides and Best-of content, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

Types of Collectables 

In total, are several types of items that you can collect in Doom Eternal. These include things that can help improve your abilities and stats in-game, like Weapon Modification Drones, Praetor Suit Tokens and Sentinel Crystals.

There are also collectables that are purely just that, collectable and don’t affect your gameplay whatsoever. These include Toys, Codexes and Music. You can view Codexes at any point during the game, but music and toys can only be seen whilst on your ship.

Interestingly, there are also cheat codes that you can find. Entering these cheat codes can dramatically change your game, like making it so that you only need to shoot an enemy once to stagger them. All of these cheats can be activated while on your ship.

Doom Eternal Secret Toys
A Secret Toy

The secrets locations will be visible on your map and will show you how many you have collected and once collected show you what type of secret that they are. You can also upgrade your suit to make it so that you can see what type of secret they are with having to obtain them first. Some of them will be hidden behind breakable walls that will have the same cracked pattern as others but without the green glow.

Cheat Codes, Toys and Music will all be marked on your map with question marks and when you see them in-game, they will be in the form of a question mark, so you don’t know which one you are getting. Codexes and upgrades are shown as they are both in-game and on the map.