Doom Eternal: How To Kill Marauders


GamingDoom Eternal: How To Kill Marauders

Marauders in Doom Eternal are some of the hardest enemies that you are going to fight in the entire game. They are so significant that they actually have a full cut-scene to their introduction and really interesting lore behind them.

These enemies can be classified as Sub-bosses but do show up with other enemies in the late-game. They’re pretty tough and can be annoying to take down, so let’s go over some tactics on how to beat Marauders. 

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Doom Eternal Marauders

Their Arsenal 

The Marauders are designed to be foils to Doom Slayer, having similar moves and weapons. In a bit of an ironic twist, however, their axe is used to attack at long range while there gun is short range. on top of those two things, Marauders also carry shields that reflect everything back at Doom Slayer, a dash and a dog that they can summon, that while only taking one hit to kill, can be fast and annoying. Take out the Dogs as soon as possible. 

As mentioned, the Marauders carry shields that reflect damage, they bring this up whenever you shoot it at them, except for certain times. You can only damage Marauders when they are attacking with glowing green eyes, if you hit them with this timing, you will stun them and you can get some extra damage in. in order to trigger this kind of attack, you need to stay in mid-range, stay too far and they will launch projectiles at you, get too close and they will blast you bac with their shotgun.

Weapons to use

I recommend using the Super Shotgun or the Ballista while fighting them. The BFG is another option and it can kill them instantly like everything else, but the Marauder can also block it with their shield. I’ve tried the BFG on them and most times they just block it. Considering that you only get two BFG shots at a time, you might want to take them out the old fashioned way.