Doom Eternal: How To Unlock The Unmaykr


GamingDoom Eternal: How To Unlock The Unmaykr

The Unmaykr is a weapon in Doom Eternal that is in the same tier as the BFG 9000, yup, it’s that powerful. The Unmaykr is the only weapon in the whole game that you can miss getting.

Doom Eternal The Unmayker

Unlocking The Unmaykr

The Unmaykr is locked on the Doom Slayer’s Fortress of Doom AKA your ship. In order to unlock it, you’re going to need the six Empyrean Keys that you earn by completing Slayer Gates. There are six Slayer Gates that are scattered through the levels of the game. These Slayer Gates are challenges that throw a ton of strong enemies at you. 

Doom Eternal How To Unlock The UnMaykr

If you are able to complete all six of them, when you return to your ship go to where the Unmaykr is kept, there you can unlock it and you will now have it in your arsenal. The Unmaykr uses the same ammo as the BFG but for every 1 shot the BFG gets, the Unmaykr gets 30.

The Unmaykr is a rapid-fire weapon that that usually takes out enemies in one shot, but can be used somewhat more accurately. I recommend using it when you have one or two enemies you don’t feel like putting the work into taking out but don’t want to use a full BFG shot.