Doom Eternal: How to Upgrade Weapons


GamingDoom Eternal: How to Upgrade Weapons

In Doom Eternal, you will be able to upgrade your Weapons, specifically be using weapon upgrade points. In this short guide, we’ll show you where you can collect these upgrade points, as well as how to apply the actual modifications to your weapons. For more Doom Eternal Guides, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

Upgrading Doom Weapons

Throughout the many levels that you will destroy Demons inside of when playing Doom Eternal, you will find little drones. These drones will also be marked on your map, and they give you the option to pick mods for each of your weapons after collecting them.

After you pick these mods, you will be able to upgrade them, rather than upgrading the weapons base mode itself. 

Doom Eternal Weapon Upgrades, Doom Eternal Mods

When you upgrade a mod, you aren’t just upgrading its damage or something simple like that. When you upgrade a mod, you are usually making it more effective and efficient, like in the case of the rocket launchers lock-on burst mod. This mod can be upgraded to have a faster reset and faster lock-on as shown above. 

Upgrades cost different amounts of upgrade points usually ranging from about one to six points and can be unlocked in any order that you want. So you don’t have to start with the lowest cost upgrade to get the more expensive one that you want. 

Unlocking all the upgrades that a modification has unlocks a mastery challenge for that mod. These challenges revolve around getting specific kills with the mod and once completed, that mod gets a pretty big upgrade that is permanent. 

You can also use weapon mastery tokens to instantly complete these challenges if you find them too difficult.