Doom Eternal: How To Use The Map


GamingDoom Eternal: How To Use The Map

In Doom Eternal, you have access to a map from the start of the game. This map becomes helpful when you are searching for secrets and collectables, as they become visible on it after you pass them. 

Doom Eternal Wallpaper

The map in Doom Eternal will show each secret and has symbols for each different type. When looking at the map, will also show where the player has been by having every area the player has been on in green and the places the player hasn’t in grey.

Naturally, the player can also find the location of the objectives by using the map. The locations of the objectives are marked with yellow diamonds. You’ll also have the ability to fast travel to some points on the map. 

At the beginning of a mission the whole map is not shown and to uncover the whole map, a player must find the location of and obtain the auto-map. Each auto-map is unique to each mission and there is one on every level. Obtaining the auto-map uncovers the map for the whole level, including other areas and dimensions.