Doom Eternal: Slayer Gates Explained


GamingDoom Eternal: Slayer Gates Explained

At certain levels in Doom Eternal: There will be portals called Slayer Gates. These purple fleshy growths with magic orbs attached to them are actually sub-levels within 6 of the levels in-game. 

Doom Eternal Slayer gate

These challenges are just that challenging and sometimes even getting to these Slayer Gates can be difficult so let’s fill you in on how to get to them and get past them.  For more Doom Eternal Guides and Best-of content, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

Accessing Slayer Gates

Slayer gates are locked behind gates that can only be opened once you have grabbed that level’s Slayer Gate key. These keys are always near the Slayer Gate itself and are also marked on your map, the same as the Slayer Gate, but usually take some creativity and a keen eye to obtain. 

Doom Eternal Slayer Key
Unlocking the Slayer Gate after finding the key

Once obtained you can open the door to the Slayer Gate, from there you can go and initiate the challenge. Choosing to play in these areas should not be taken lightly, as these challenges through strong enemies at you for quite a long period of time, plus ammo and extra lives that are spent in a gate will not be restored afterwards. However, completing each gate awards 3 Weapon Points and an Empyrean Key. 

Empyrean Keys are important as gathering all six of them allows you to get The Unmaykr, A super-powerful weapon unlocked during the late stages of the campaign. Beating Slayer Gate Challenges also helps clear levels of Demonic Corruption.