Enter The Gungeon: How to Change Crosshair & Cursor Type

enter the gungeon change cursor

There are a few different Crosshair and Cursor types available to choose from in Enter the Gungeon. You can choose from 6 different options, as indicated on the image below.

The crosshair is the graphic that indicates where you are aiming, and will fire at. You place your crosshair on enemies, so it’s important to choose one which is easy to see.

At the moment, it seems that you can’t change the colour of your crosshair at all. It has to stick to the default white, however this could change in the future depending on how requested it is by the community.

Below, we have a quick guide showing you how to change your crosshair in Enter the Gungeon. Meanwhile, we have more guides available for the game here.

Changing the Crosshair in Enter the Gungeon

To start, open the game play settings from the options menu. You can open the options menu from either the home screen, or by pressing ESC whilst in-game.

open gameplay menu
Open the Gameplay menu

Next, scroll down to find the cursor option. Use the arrows to look through the list of options. There are 6 cursors in total.

choose cursor enter the gungeon
Choose a Cursor you like

Once you’re happy with your choice, press the confirm button in the bottom right of the menu. This will save your changes and your new cursor will be visible immediately.


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