Enter The Gungeon: How to Change the Language

how to change the language in enter the gungeon

It’s likely that the in-game language has defaulted to English in Enter the Gungeon. Thankfully, you can change the language quickly to one of many options.

You can choose languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Below, you can find our guide for changing the language in Enter the Gungeon with pictures.

Meanwhile, we have some more guides available for this game here at PwrDown!

Changing the Language

To start, open the Gameplay settings from the options menu. You can access the options menu by pressing ESC in game or selecting Options from the main menu.

gameplay area enter the gungeon
Open the Gameplay menu from the settings area

Next, look for the Language option, you can see it below highlighted in white. By default, this may be set to English.

enter the gungeon language options
Language options

Use the arrows on each side to switch through all of the different languages. Once you have selected the right language, press confirm in the bottom right to save changes.

In this same menu, you have a lot more options you can change such as screen shake, aim assist and your crosshair type.


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