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GamingFactorio: Save Game Location & Folder

When you are playing Factorio, the game has an auto-save feature, as well as manual saving which can be done from the main menu. When this happens, the game creates (or updates) a ZIP file, which then contains a folder with your Factorio save file inside.

Inside this folder is some configuration files, both in the form of .LUA and .CFG files. There is also a level.dat, a script.dat and even the preview image that appears when you are in the load-game menu.

Below, we’ll quickly talk you through how to find your Factorio save files. For more Factorio Guides, make sure to check out our dedicated area here.

Factorio Save Location

Unlock most other Steam games, Factorio stores save files locally, and not in the ‘My Documents’ folder. Instead, they’re stored in your Application Data folder. There are two ways of getting to this folder.

To get your Factorio Saves, open up the Start Menu on your computer. In the search bar (if you don’t have a search bar, just start typing) type %appdata% and press Enter. This should take you to your AppData folder. If you’re not already in there, go into the ‘Roaming’ folder, look for Factorio in the list and then you’ll spot your saves folder.

The other way of getting to AppData is by going manually. Head to the following location C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Roaming obviously replacing YOUR_USER with your own account. If you can’t spot the AppData folder, you might need to show hidden folders. Then go into AppData, Roaming and into the Factorio folder where your save files are stored.

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