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Fallout 4 Apartments

These all new Fallout 4 Apartments where created by bloodmeat08 on Nexus mods, and they add an apartment block to the commonwealth, which hosts 2 apartments available for purchase by the player. These are Apartments 8 and 9. Players can use these apartments as a temporary or permanent player home if they wish. The apartment block can be found near D.B. Technical High School, east of Diamond City.

The keys to the apartment cost around 8000 caps according to the developer, however it varies on your level. For me, each key cost 11,700 caps at close to level 15. It has a day and night cycle so the lighting is atmospheric, and they’re are also multiple light switches scattered around the room so you can control the lights.

The developer says an Xbox One version is coming about a week after it’s PC release, which would be anytime after 19th May according to the upload date. In the screenshots I have included of the apartments below, they may seem dark. I have an interiors mod installed which has caused this, so the screenshots don’t do the mod justice.

Download it at Nexus Mods here: Cyber-Light Apartments

Getting to the apartments and purchase

the location of the fallout 4 apartments on a pip boy

The location of the apartments can be seen on the pip-boy above, with Diamond City for reference. For me, the icon was already there and I was able to fast travel to it, so it should already be on your pip-boy after installation.

the outside of the apartments

This is the apartment block as you close in on it. You may find tree’s inside it if you have any nature mods. Resolve this by opening the command window, clicking the tree object and typing “disable” into the console window.

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the receptionist cas in the lobby of the fallout 4 apartments

In the lobby is a woman named Cas. Talk to her and buy one of the keys from the trade window. If you don’t know which apartment to choose, I have added images further down of each apartment. To the left of Cas is an elevator which will take you to the floor with your chosen room.

Apartment 8

The first apartment is apartment 8, which I personally prefer. It has a very wide open space in the lounge area, and there is a hallway to separate it from the entrance.

hallway of apartment 8 kitchen in apartment 8 apartment 8 lounge and seating area fallout 4 apartments 8 bathroom fallout 4 apartments workstation in apartment 8 fallout 4 apartments bedroom in apartment 8 fallout 4 apartment 8 office area

Apartment 9

Apartment 9 is the second apartment available. As you enter it, you instantly walk into a large room which is the lounge and kitchen.

fallout 4 apartments apartment 9 bathroom fallout 4 apartments, office in apartment 9 fallout 4 bedroom in apartment 9 fallout 4 apartment 9 kitchen built into lounge fallout 4 apartments lounge in apartment 9 fallout 4 light switch in apartment 9 mod

Other rooms

As well as the apartments, there is another room across the hall. It is a storage area for your power armour, and there is also a workbench available.

fallout 4 apartments power armour storage room fallout 4 workstation for apartments mod

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