Fallout 4 Campsite mod! Survive by camping overnight


Fallout 4 Campsite Mod

The Campsite mod by fadingsignal on Nexus Mods is one of my favourite mods. I included this mod in my list of the best mods for survival mode in Fallout 4, which you can check out here. This mod is also available for Xbox consoles, check it out here on Bethesda.net

It introduces a lot of new items, which can be found under the “Camping Gear” option inside the Chemistry Station. These items include cloth walls, tents, fire kits, cooking pots, folding chairs and even a bed for dog meat! There is also a GPS beacon which you can place down, and it will place an icon in your pip boy so you know where to find your campsite again.

When you craft an object, it will show up under the “misc” section inside of your pip-boy. To place it, you will need to have it highlighted, and choose the ‘Drop’ option. To change the position and objects, you will need to select each object when you’ve placed it, and change the settings that way.

One object you may want to pick up, is the “Adventures in Camping” book, which can be found in the Root Cellar in Sanctuary. It will unlock all of the different colour variations and styles for you to customise some of your camping gear. The Root Cellar can be found behind one of the houses towards the back of Sanctuary.

fallout 4 campsite complete mod

A quick campsite I built using the objects provided in this mod

Campsite Mod Gallery

camping gear under chemistry station

The Camping Gear section inside of the Chemistry Station

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different objects that can be built to create a campsite

A list of available objects for building a Campsite.single bed pole tent

This image shows the tent option with a single bed. You can also craft a version with two beds, for your companions. You can also attach the lantern to the inside of the tent for added effect. Both tents are available in 7 different colours.

fire pit and cooking station on top

You can build a fire pit and place a cooking pot on top. To do this, build the fire pit and place it first, then select it and choose “place cooking pot”.

interface for the cooking menu

Interface for the cooking pot, with the ability to craft different foods.

folding chair and lantern inside of a campsite

A preview of the folding chair and lantern, both fully functional!

bed for dogmeat

Dog meats own bed, which is available in a lot of different colours. Amazingly, dog meant sleeps in his bed with his own animations and sounds. You can choose between 7 different colours for the bed.
single sleeping bag

Instead of building tents and full campsites, you can also build a sole sleeping bad to carry around and just put down whenever you want. The Sleeping bag is available in 10 different colours.

tent which has two beds insideThe second tent option, which has two beds inside.

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