Fallout 4 Rockin’ Red Rocket mod (Amazing Red Rocket settlement mod)


Rockin’ Red Rocket

Red Rocket Settlement Mod

The Fallout 4 Rockin’ Red Rocket mod by Elianora on NexusMods¬†completely revamps the Red Rocket settlement located near Sanctuary, and turns it into the ultimate player base. Equipped with multiple workshops, storage containers and magazine racks, it has everything you could possibly require. It also has a functional day and night system, so the lighting will vary on what time it is.

Mod Installation

To install the Rockin’ Red Rocket mod, head over to the Nexus mods page here. The simplest and fastest way to download would be to use the Nexus Mod Manager, so if you’re doing it this way all you have to do is press the “DOWNLOAD (NMM) button in the top right.

If you’re not using the Nexus Mod Manager, choose “DOWNLOAD (MANUAL)” in the top right, which will take you to the files page. Choose the latest version, which is currently 2.1, and click “download manually”. ¬†In the ZIP file which will download is a folder called “Data”, just drag the 3 files inside to the Data folder in your Fallout 4 Directory.

In Game

Fallout 4 Rockin' Red Rocket
The exterior is hidden away, and a door is placed outside to give you access to the interior.

On the outside, few changes are made. Whilst the interior is the same shape and layout of the original settlement, the mod is a whole new interior so must be loaded in by going through the door that is seen by the windows. You can still build on the exterior areas of the settlement, however once inside this is disabled.

Fallout 4 Rockin' Red Rocket
The first room you will see upon entering Rockin’ Red Rocket

When you enter Red Rocket, this is the first room you’ll see. The door on the right next to the power armour stand is the entrance/exit. On the left of the image, you can see a door frame which leads to the workshop area.

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Fallout 4 Rockin' Red Rocket
The workshop area, where you will find a sofa, television, storage containers and a terminal

In the workshop area are two rooms separated with a divider, the first one shown above. Behind it is the next room, where you will spend most of your time!

Fallout 4 Rockin' Red Rocket
The workshop area, where you will find multiple workstations such as chemistry, armour and weapon stations.

Thankfully, all these stations work, making the base probably one of the most useful mods in the game. It has so many storage containers that you can store things appropriate to each room, such as materials in the workshop. Next, we’ll take a look at the kitchen.

Fallout 4 Rockin' Red Rocket
The kitchen and dining area

The kitchen and dining area makes up the largest space in the settlement, and leads on to the bathroom and bedroom. In the kitchen, you can store all of your food and water as well as do some cooking!

Fallout 4 Rockin' Red Rocket
The magazine racks in the dining area

Rockin’ Red Rocket has 4 magazine racks and 1 bobble-head storage for you to hold all of your items you find around the wasteland.

Fallout 4 Rockin' Red Rocket
A view of the kitchen from the bathroom

On the right is the bedroom, and behind the camera is the bathroom. Both of these locations also have a large amount of storage containers.

Fallout 4 Rockin' Red Rocket
A large double bed, for your sleeping needs.

This is the bedroom from the doorway. The bed functions normally, and the chest of drawers beside it also work.

Fallout 4 Rockin' Red Rocket
Equipment storage area

One of the best parts about this mod is the equipment storage area, it just looks great. It’s the perfect place for you to store all of your head gear, armour, weaponry, equipment and grenades as each section is it’s own compartment.

Fallout 4 Rockin' Red Rocket
The bathroom

Bathroom is mainly for decoration, but is still a great addition with the extra storage and great for people who like to role play, put your dirty clothes in the washing machine!


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