Fallout 4’s Institute Expeditionary Suit is the best Armor mod yet


Nexus Mods user Niero has really hit it out of the ball park with this mod for Fallout 4. Called the Institute Expeditionary Suit, part of the CROSS collection is absolutely remarkable. It’s available on both PC via NexusMods and Xbox One.

It’s one of the most detailed armor mods I have seen, with it offering fully HD textures and meshes. When wearing this full outfit in Fallout 4, it provides total immunity to all sources of radiation, making it great for areas such as The Glowing Sea.

Institute Expeditionary Suit fallout 4
360 View of the Institute Expeditionary Suit

Some other features from this mod include being able to customise it whilst out exploring the Commonwealth. From your Pip-Boy, you can customise the outfit whilst wearing it to change things such as opening the jacket, placing the mask on the belt and even loosening shoulder straps. There is simply too much to list.


Here is an excerpt from the Lore section on the Nexus Mods page

Before the Institute had advanced gen-3 Synths to do their delicate surface tasks they had to send real humans above ground to conduct research by hand, and to protect such agents they developed the The Institute Expeditionary Suit (IEX). The IEX suit is the pinnacle of wasteland utility, providing armor and resistances against the harsh wastelands.Nexus page lore extract

As well as all the amazing features already included, there is an optional skin pack which can be installed through gumroad. It’s a great way to support the developer and allow them to work on more high quality mods in the future.

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