Fallout 76: How to Change Appearance & Looks


GamingFallout 76: How to Change Appearance & Looks

When you first get into Fallout 76, you have the opportunity to design your character by changing their appearance. Whether it be their hairstyle, face shape, eye color and more. It’s an identical character design screen to Fallout 4’s.

Once you leave the vault, you can change your appearance again whenever you want. Therefor, don’t worry too much about spending a lot of time customizing at the start of the game.

Below, we have a quick guide that shows you how to change your appearance on the fly in Fallout 76. We have more guides for the game which can be found here.

Changing Appearance

In-game, open up the settings menu. You can do this by opening the map, then pressing the button that opens settings. On PC, this is Z. Choose the ‘Change Appearance’ option from the list.

open the settings menu
Open the Settings Menu

You will now be back at the character creation screen. You can customize your character however you want, pressing Done at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.

change your appearance and looks
Change your appearance

Your character changes will be saved. You can come back to this screen at any time to change your appearance again.

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