Fallout 76: How to Listen to Holotapes & Audio Logs


Fallout 76 has a lot of holotapes to listen too. Whether they be survivor stories, mission logs or tapes from the overseer. You’ll want to listen to them to take in the lore and backstory of each character.

Although if you’re too busy to listen to them in that moment, or just don’t choose the play option originally, you may not know how to listen to them later on. Luckily, you can whenever you want, as well as listen to the same tape multiple times.

Below, we show you where to access Holotapes in Fallout 76 so you can listen to them again. Whilst we’ve covered more guides for the game here.

Listening to Holotapes

To listen to holotapes, you will need to open up your Pipboy. You can do this on PC by pressing Tab, B on Xbox One or Circle on PS4. Move over to the ‘Item’ section, then in the category below that, choose ‘Holo’.

holotapes in inventory
List of Holotapes in inventory

You will see a list of Holotapes that you are carrying, as seen on the image above. You can choose to play them (Space on PC) or drop them if you no longer want to carry them (R). You can listen to tapes multiple times.

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