Fallout 76: How to Place & Build CAMP


Whilst Fallout 76 is relatively similar to previous games of the franchise, it does have a few new mechanics. For example, in 76, you can carry round a C.A.M.P which allows you to build a base anywhere in the wasteland.

You are able to use it early on in the game. It’s incredibly useful for having a place to cook food, craft weapons, craft armor and take cover. You carry around the C.A.M.P inside your pipboy, where you can place it down and move it around.

Below, we have a quick guide on how to place down the C.A.M.P in Fallout 76 to begin base building. Whilst we’ve covered some more guides for game which can be found here.

Placing C.A.M.P

Open up your PipBoy. You can do this on PC by pressing TAB, B on Xbox One or Circle on PS4. Near the bottom of the screen, you will see the option to ‘Move C.A.M.P’. On PC, you can do this by pressing Z.

open the pipboy and choose move camp
Choose the Move C.A.M.P option

You will see a screen similar to below. You’ll need to find a suitable location to place your camp. When you do, the outline will be green. The circle around the C.A.M.P indicates the size of your building area.

place your camp
Find a suitable location and place your camp

Once placed, you can interact with it to begin building your base. You are required to start with foundations, as that’s what all structures and furniture are built on top of.

build a base at your camp
Begin building your base

Each structure and other build-able object will craft resources. A wooden foundation for example costs 6 wood each. You will find materials by searching throughout the game world, and scrapping any junk inside your inventory.

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