Fallout 76: How to Remove Radiation & Rads


When playing Fallout 76, chances are you are going to receive radiation damage, also known as rads. This will be seen on your health bar in the bottom left of the screen, the red area indicates radiation damage.

The more rads you have, the less health you will have overall. There are more negative effects that come with rads, such as your water levels draining much faster. Drinking dirty water, unclean food or even walking near barrels can give rads.

Below, we have put together a quick guide for removing and preventing radiation damage in Fallout 76. Whilst if you’re interested, we’ve covered some more guides for the game here.

Removing Rads

You can check your radiation levels in the bottom left of the screen, on the health bar. On the image below, you can see that I have a small amount of rads. If you’re suffering any negative affects, you’ll see a red icon in the bottom right.

rads damage
Rads damage

Open up your Pipboy, which can be done by pressing Tab on PC, or Circle on PS4 and B on Xbox One. Head over to the ‘Item’ section, then to the ‘Aid’ section underneath. Look for Radaway, which you can find all through the wasteland.

drink radaway
Drink a Radaway

Drinking a Radaway removes 300 rads, but increases your thirst, hunger and chance of disease. After drinking it, you will see the red bar in the bottom left vanish. You can drink purified water or take a stimpak to regenerate the health.

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