Fallout 76: How to Scrap Junk & Items


GamingFallout 76: How to Scrap Junk & Items

Just like in previous Fallout games, you will need to scrap junk out of your inventory. And you’ll need to do it often, otherwise your character will become over-encumbered and not be able to run. What this means, is that your character is carrying more than they are able to.

You can check your carry limit inside your pipboy, under the inventory section. Scrapping junk and extra weapons will help reduce it, whilst also providing useful resources for base building and weapon/armor crafting.

Below, you can see our quick guide for scrapping items in Fallout 76. Whilst we’ve covered many more guides for the game which can be seen here.

Scrapping Junk

To begin scrapping items, find a workbench. A weapons/armor workbench can work, and you’ll find them in most towns. When you’re hovering over it, choose the ‘Scrap Items’ option.

scrap items at workbench
Scrap at a workbench

You should first press ‘Scrap all junk’ at the bottom of the screen. This will instantly remove all the scrap and unneeded items from your inventory. Then you can go through weapons, apparel etc manually and remove duplicate/unwanted items.

choose which items you want to scrap
Choose the junk you wish to scrap

Scrapping items turns them into materials. For example, scrapping the bread bin on the image above will provide 3 plastic, which I can then use for weapon crafting or base building.

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