Fallout 76: How to Turn Pacifist & PvP Mode On or Off


GamingFallout 76: How to Turn Pacifist & PvP Mode On or Off

Fallout 76 has a pacifist mode that can be switched on or off. What this does, is stops you from attacking other players and damaging them, essentially disabling PvP for your character.

As it’s called pacifist mode though, that means that other players can still attack you and kill you. It’s much harder though, as your resistances are massively increased. You can usually out-heal any damage taken and run/fast travel away.

We may see an update in the future which allows you to disable PvP all together. For now though, pacifist mode is the best we have. You can read our quick guide below for enabling the mode, whilst we’ve got a few more guides for Fallout 76 here.

Enabling Pacifist Mode

If you’re Level 5 or below, pacifist mode is turned on by default and can’t be switched off. After that however, follow these steps. Open up the Settings menu from the Map, and go to ‘Game’.

open game settings
Open the Game Settings

Near the bottom, you will see ‘Pacifist Mode’. Choose to either enable it or disable it. My option is greyed out on the image below due to being level 4.

enable pacifist mode
Enable pacifist mode

If you’ve switched it on, don’t forget that other players can still attack you. They will just do massively reduced damage allowing you to survive.

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