Fallout 76: Where to Find Challenges & Earn Atoms


When playing Fallout 76, you can complete challenges which will earn you atoms, which can be spent in the shop on cosmetic items. Whilst you will randomly complete challenges just playing, it’s still a good idea to check and see which ones you need to complete.

There are multiple categories/types of challenges. These are daily challenges, weekly challenges, character, survival, combat, social and world. Daily & Weekly challenges will reset, allowing you to earn more atoms each week or day.

Below, you can see where you can find your list of challenges in Fallout 76. Whilst we’ve covered some more guides for the game here.

Seeing Your Challenges

To see your challenges in Fallout 76, open up the main menu. You can do this by opening up the map, then pressing the ‘Menu’ button that is displayed on your screen. On PC, this is Z.

open the challenges in fallout 76
Open the Challenges Menu

From the list of options, choose ‘Challenges’. You will then be shown a screen similar to below.

challenges with their rewards
List of Challenges & Atom Rewards

On the left side, you can choose a category, then on the right is the challenge, your progress and how many atoms you will receive for completing it. You will see a countdown at the top, indicating when the challenges end and you will receive new ones.

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