10 Best Fallout 4 Armor mods for PS4 in 2018


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Unfortunately, armor mods in Fallout 4 are quite limited when it comes to the PS4 due to Sony not allowing external assets. This removes around 80% of possible mods, and anything that is remotely unique. This is terrible for PS4 players, as Fallout 4 is a fantastic game, and one that relies heavily on mods to make it even more enjoyable.

With that said, we still took a look at the Bethesda website and found some modifications that tweak and enhance Fallout 4 when it comes to armor and clothing.

Armor And Weapon Keywords Community Resource

fallout 4 best armor mods for ps4 awkcr

If you install any armor mods for Fallout 4, you’re more than likely going to needĀ Armor And Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) first. It essentially helps mods work together and prevents conflicts. This is a must have, even if you plan on only installing a few mods.

Flight Helmets & Eye glasses

fallout 4 best armor mods for ps4 flight helmets and eye glasses

Flights Helmets & Eye glasses mod download
This mod will add one pair of eye glasses, as well as three flight helmets which can be crafted from a chemistry station. The textures can be modified, and stats can be added including legendary slots, ballistic weave slots, damage resistance and use of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats.

Busty Mod

fallout 4 best armor mods for ps4 busty mod

Busty Mod download
Simply put, the Busty Mod for Fallout 4 increases the bust size for female players. Once it’s installed, head down to the surgeon in Diamond City and adjust your characters body size. Choose the bottom left corner of the body shape triangle for best results. This mod is compatible with most outfits and armor in the game, with a few exceptions.

Craft Maxson Battlecoat

fallout 4 best armor mods for ps4 elder maxson coat

Craft Maxson Battlecoat download
When we first see Elder Maxson on board the Prydwen, the first thing you notice is how awesome his coat looks. All this mod does is allow you to craft it yourself so you don’t have to kill Maxson. You can craft it at a chemistry station, and the coat can be upgraded to boost its armor values.

Dog Armor

fallout 4 best armor mods for ps4 dog armor for dogmeat

Dog Armor mod download
This mod provides a rating to dog armor, helping to provide further protection to your trusty companion Dogmeat. Armor was pretty useless previously, being purely for cosmetics. Now it actually has use!


fallout 4 best armor mods for ps4 laundromat

Laundromat mod download
The Laundromat mod for Fallout 4 allows you to essentially make your clothes clean or dirty. It only works with armor pieces that have both a clean and dirty version already in game. Cleaning clothes can be done with Abraxo and Purified Water, whilst making clothes dirty can be done with Dirty Water.

Legendary Recon Marine Armor

fallout 4 best armor mods for ps4 recon armor

Legendary Recon Marine Armor
Marine armor is found when you reach Far Harbor. This mod makes a few changes to it, making it more useful and ideal for use. Some changes include adding Ballistic Weave to the Marine Westuit and Tactical Helmet. Adding a full set of legendary marine armor as well as upping the amount of carry weight, totalling 105lbs.

UCO Base Game

fallout 4 best armor mods for ps4 uco baseUCO Base Game mod download
The UCO Mod provides many different customisation options, whether it be the appearance or functions of armor. It also allows you to craft items that are harder to obtain, such as those from the DLC. You will need to download a few add-ons that work with this mod to get the most use out of it.

Jetpack Ring, Armor and Gadgets

fallout 4 best armor mods for ps4 jetpack ring armor and gadgetsJetpack Ring, Armor and Gadget mod download
This mod adds multiple items to the game, including rings, armor and powers. The different types of armor will allow you to disarm enemies and tase enemies when blocking attacks. Whilst also granting powers such as teleknetic push & lightning. Overall, if your crazy about modding, this one is definitely worth trying out.

Legendary Modification

fallout 4 best armor mods for ps4 legendary modification

Legendary Modification mod download
The Legendary Modification mod for Fallout 4 will allow you to attach any legendary modification to a weapon or piece of armor. Allowing you to create your own legendary items. It doesn’t work with DLC or other modded content though.

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