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Fallout 4 has come a long way since its release back in November 2015. It still has a huge player base, and always will have just like Skyrim. What keeps Bethesda’s games so alive and giving them a lot of replay value is the modding scene.

There are currently over 10,000 mods available for Fallout 4 on Bethesda’s site for Xbox One, most offering something unique and different. Whilst some will always stay hidden and never make it into the spotlight, there are some which are adored and used by many. That’s why in this post, we’re going to show you some mods that we think are the best choices to install for Fallout 4 on Xbox!

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Best Fallout 4 mods for Xbox One unofficial fallout 4 patch

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch mod download
Installing this mod won’t actually make any too noticeable changes, however it does fix a lot of problems behind the scenes. Simply put, this mod fixes A LOT of bugs that currently exist in Fallout 4. Overall, it fixes over a hundred bugs related to Gameplay, Quests, NPC’s, Objects, Items, Text & Placements. Before starting a play through, you’re definitely going to want to install this mod to get most of the kinks sorted out.

Improved Map with Visible Roads

fallout 4 best mods for xbox one improved maps with visibility roads

Improved Map with Visible Roads
The ‘Improved Map with Visible Roads’ mod changes how the map appears inside of your Pip-Boy. It completely overhauls the design, bringing a lot more stuff into focus such as the roads, train tracks, water lines and topography. This mod also fixes the placement of map markers and balances the brightness of the glowing sea. It’s a completely optional mod and really varies from person to person whether they think it’s necessary. I personally always use this mod to get a better sense of where I’m exploring in Fallout 4!

Everyone’s Best Friend Dogmeat

fallout 4 best mods for xbox one dogmeat permanent companion

Everyone’s Best Friend Dogmeat mod download
According to the developer of this mod, “there is a lot of evidence that Dogmeat is not a true ‘companion‘”, and that Dogmeat was supposed to be with you throughout the game no matter what. Although Bethesda must have changed their mind on this near the end of development if so. This mod will allow you to have Dogmeat with you at all times in Fallout 4, whilst also having any other companion of your choice. Allowing you to have some extra security, as well as much needed carry space. Dogmeat will feel more like a pet instead of a companion.

Place Anywhere

fallout 4 best mods for xbox one place anywhere mod

Place anywhere mod download
The Place Anywhere mod for Fallout 4 does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to place items pretty much anywhere you want, completely ignoring the game rules when it comes to settlement building. Some features of this mod include placing objects in red zones, resizing objects, more precise movement & rotation, making objects static and many more snapping options. If you’re someone who cares about building and designing your settlements in Fallout, then this mod is a must have.

Cheat Terminal

fallout 4 best mods for xbox one cheat terminal god mode

Cheat Terminal mod download
By default, there is no way to open the console on the Xbox One, making it hard to conduct any cheats or commands. Instead, one modder has taken it upon themselves to make cheating pretty easy using your pip-boy. The Cheat Terminal mod gives an interface where you can go into god mode, spawn infinite ammo, caps or almost any item you want. You can also teleport to locations around the Commonwealth and even change the weather. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t like to cheat, this mod could definitely come in handy at some point of your play-through.

Full Dialogue Interface

fallout 4 best mods for xbox one full dialogue interface

Full Dialogue Interface mod download
One of the best things about previous Fallout games was the dialogue, knowing what you are actually going to say. When it came to Fallout 4, answers where replaced with small phrases, some just having the option of ‘Sarcastic’. This mod reverts the games dialogue system to the one we are all familiar with. Now you can see full previews of what you’re going to say in a similar vertical design to the previous games. In my opinion, this mod is a must have no matter what point of the game you’re currently at!

Sim Settlements

fallout 4 best mods for xbox one sim settlements building

Sim Settlements mod download
The Sim Settlements mod completely changes how Settlements work in Fallout 4. Instead of having to do everything yourself, you can set up zones in which your settlers will do all the work themselves. You can watch them build their own homes, farms and shops. It’s one of the most popular mods out there, and really enhances the settlement building aspect to the game. The developer has released quite a lot of expansions that work with this mod too.

Spring in the Commonwealth

fallout 4 best mods for xbox one spring in the commonwealth

Spring in the Commonwealth mod download
The Commonwealth is a wasteland, with pretty much all plant life being dead. Rightfully so, as it’s part of the games lore, why would there be plants in a world annihilated by nuclear weapons? But this is Fallout, you can change anything you want! With the Spring in the Commonwealth, you can bring your world a little more alive by adding grass to the environment, along with some flowers. It doesn’t affect trees or bushes, so if you want that too, you’ll need to find other mods.

Crossbows of the Commonwealth

fallout 4 best mods for xbox one crossbows of the commonwealth

Crossbows of the Commonwealth mod download
This mod adds a whole new weapon to the Commonwealth, the Crossbow. After installing this mod, you’ll mostly find enemy raiders carrying them around and using them as weapons. What makes this mod so great is how much customisation it has, whether you want to modify the bow itself or the ammo it uses (bolts). You can set enemies on fire, freeze them or even blow them up! It creates a whole new way to play the game, and I definitely recommend Xbox One players trying this mod out.

True Storms Wasteland Edition

fallout 4 best mods for xbox one true storms wasteland edition

True Storms Wasteland Edition mod download
This mod is one of the best atmospheric mods out there, True Storms completely overhauls and revamps the weather system that is currently used in Fallout 4. It brings new sound effects for both interior and exterior, new particles, textures, fogs, dust storms and much more. This mod adds so much to the immersion factor and completely changes the environment and feel of the game. As well as changing all the current weather systems, it adds a few new ones such as hazardous rain where you will need to seek shelter indoors.

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