Fluffy Horde Review

Created by Turtle Juice, Fluffy Horde pairs puzzles and strategy with satire and bunny filled madness. Your aim in each level is to fight off the advancing bunny horde. Occasionally escort quests and catapults will be thrown into the works. But with strategic planning and a carrot, you can overcome any obstacle.

Fluffy Horde is very easy to pick up and entertaining to play. It comes equipped with informative tutorials to explain any new mechanics. While the planning phase of each level points out any useful features that you can use to your advantage.

In terms of gameplay. Early on, you learn very quickly not to overlook the planning phase. Some levels are packed full of unit vendors, while others require you to use the environment. Only once you’ve set a course of action should you try to beat the bunnies back.

Fluffy Horde is accompanied by six achievements. Most of which are awarded for completing sections of the story. With the final one being awarded for collecting all the medals. Achievement hunters beware, reaching 100% may prove challenging.

A multiplayer mode is also included in the game. Pitted against an opponent, you must use portals, bunny rain and other powers to take out all those in your way. The Controls work in the same way as the single-player mode. However, it is far harder to predict what is going to happen. Nonetheless, this frantic game mode serves as a great way to show off once you’ve honed your skills.


The Sweet Spot

Whilst fighting off hordes of rabbits, I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic. The layout of each level and the minimap below reminded me of Lemmings. On top of that, the art style is reminiscent of Risk of Rain, accompanied by the same style of music. Combined, you’re taken back to the days of simple, well-made games. And it proves that you really can’t go wrong with classic features.

“Is anyone bunny hungry?”

For me, the highlight has to be the carrot decoys. Born with the sole purpose of becoming carrots to taunt rabbits with, they live a short life but an eventful one. Like most other characters, their voice lines are full of puns. Meaning if you’re not shouting with frustration at a level, you’re laughing your way through it.

Overall, the sense of humour brings this game to life. Paired with the playful music, it presents a satirical puzzler with a challenging difficulty. For those looking for a game that breathes refreshing life into a forgotten genre, I cannot recommend Fluffy Horde enough.


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