Forager: Awaken the Stone Princess Puzzle


Another puzzle you’ll find in Foragers Winter Biome is the Stone Princess. She sits in the middle of a land with a sign behind her. This is an easy puzzle, with you just having to place an item on the statue in order to complete it. 

Interact with the sign behind the Princess, and you’ll receive a riddle. The riddle is: “Only the flower that glows in the dark will awaken the Stone Princess”.

The answer to this riddle is the Cinderbloom Flower. If you don’t have one of these, they can be found in the Fire Biome, which is the most expensive biome to unlock lands for. Interact with the statue and choose the Cinderbloom from your inventory.

The statue will awaken and you will be rewarded with a Big Chest! Hopefully this guide was useful to you, if it was, you might want to check out some more Forager guides that we have covered here.

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