Forager: Best Methods for XP and Levelling Up Fast


GamingForager: Best Methods for XP and Levelling Up Fast

In Forager, there are a total of 64 skills which can be unlocked, after reaching a maximum level of 65. Now reaching this point can take a long time, especially if you don’t build the correct items or unlock the right skills.

In this guide, we’ve put together a list of items, skills, potions and tips which will show you how to maximise the amount of experience gained in Forager, helping you to level up very quickly. 

You can view the tips below. If you want to check out some more in-depth Forager guides like this one, make sure to view our dedicated area here!

Choose the Right Skills

There are a number of skills that you can unlock in Forager to increase the amount of XP gained. Firstly, the Industry skill gives you experience when building structures, which may benefit you a little. Under the Economy tree, the Capitalism skill will give you experience when you sell items to markets.

brilliance skill
Brilliance Skill

Under the Foraging tree, the Gathering skill will provide 25% more experience from plants and crops. Whilst Gluttony will give you XP for eating food items. One of the best skills though is Brilliance, which can be unlocked early on in the Magic tree, which provides a 20% experience bonus.

Craft Books

One of the overlooked items in Forager has to be books, which can be built inside the inscription table. To use an Inscription Table, you will need to unlock the ‘Inscription’ skill found under the Magic tree. The first tier book you will be able to create in the table is the Moldy Book, which costs 4 Thread and 5 Paper.

The Moldy Book will provide an experience boost of 15%. There are 5 tiers of books which can be crafted, with each one offering an additional 15% to amount of experience gained. Once you have crafted the highest possible book, your total experience gained will have increased by 75% in total! 

Spirit Orbs

Spirit Orbs are consumable items in Forager which allow you to upgrade your character instantly. You can either upgrade your maximum health, maximum energy, weapon damage or choose to level up instantly. 

level up
Level Up

Now there aren’t a set amount of these, as they will constantly show up in Markets. Therefor, you can use Spirit Orbs to level up your character. It’s especially useful towards the end of the game where XP gain is much slower. 

Other Tips

When opening Big Chests, you will receive a random artifact, which provides a permanent buff throughout your play-through in Forager. One of these artifacts is the Nerdy Glasses. When unlocked, it will provide a permanent 20% increase in experience gained. However, as mentioned, unlocking this item is completely random. 

You can drink a Wisdom Draught Potion, which will give you the Wise Buff. The Wise Buff will provide you with Double XP as well as full health and energy when you level up. If you’re going to complete a lot of farming tasks, then drinking one of these potions before doing so can increase your Forager XP dramatically.

There is also a scroll which can help you level up really quick if you make multiple amounts of them. Craft a Sage Scroll using 5 Paper, 5 Green Fairy and 1 Bottled Fairy at an Inscription Table. You can use these scrolls to provide large amounts of XP per use, effectively allowing you to level up very fast.

sage scroll
Sage Scrolls

Make use of automation in Forager. You can build Mining Rods on each land to collect all the resources for you, meaning you can essentially go AFK whilst you get free XP. Just make sure to also set up some Ballistas to kill any mobs that come to attack you. You can also use Droids to collect any materials on the ground.

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