Forager: Complete List of Puzzles with Guides, Walkthrough and Rewards


GamingForager: Complete List of Puzzles with Guides, Walkthrough and Rewards

Forager has a lot of puzzles, it’s one of the main features of the game. You have to do them too if you want to make considerable progress as they provide artefacts which give unique bonuses. 

There are 4 different biomes in Forager currently, which are Grass, Desert, Winter, Graveyard and Fire. Across these 5 Biomes is 19 different puzzles, with each one of them offering a reward.

Below, you can see each puzzle currently in Forager per biome, as well as the rewards you receive for completing the puzzle. For more Forager guides, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

Grass Biome

Rainbow Pond

One of the first puzzles you will come across is Rainbow Pond. In the middle of a pond is a rainbow, and that’s it. To complete this puzzle, take a look at the rings of the Rainbow. The colors from out to in go Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. Around the pond, you will notice mushrooms of the same colors. You need to destroy the mushrooms in the order of the rainbows colors. After doing this, a Big Chest will be given to you as a reward.

Mushrooms surrounding the Rainbow

Four Pillars

Another puzzle found in the grass biome is Four Pillars. Each of these pillars has a symbol on top, with each symbol representing a number. You have to interact with each pillar starting with number 1, and finishing on 4. To do this, hit the bottom right, top left, top right and bottom left pillars in that order. You will be rewarded with a Big Chest.

Desert  Biome

Ancient Galaxy

The Ancient Galaxy puzzle is one of the more complex ones, it’s located inside a tower which contains many batteries. Look on the outside of the tower, you will notice a pattern on the building near the top. This pattern consists of multiple squares, with some missing. Where there are empty spaces indicate which batteries need to light up. Head inside and move the electrified blocks to match the pattern, you will be rewarded with an Ancient Galaxy Seal and Ancient Astronomer Feat.

Eye Statue

A statue with an eye will be found standing on another land. This is another simple puzzle, with all you having to do is hit the eye with a projectile. You can use your bow and arrow, or a rod that you may have unlocked already. After shooting the eye, you will be given a Big Chest as a reward.

Shoot the Eye

Moon Sword Obelisk

This Obelisk has 2 engravings on it, a sword and a moon. Simply put, come back to this Obelisk at night time and hit it with a sword to be given your reward. Again, this will be another big chest.

Single Battery

In the middle of one of the lands sits a single battery. To complete this puzzle, all you have to do is power it. You can power the battery by hitting it with a Thunder Rod or drinking a Thunder Potion. After powering the battery, you will be rewarded with 4 small chests. 

Where Flowers Don’t Live Sign

You may find a sign, which states “There is secret where flowers don’t live”. Look at the area above the sign, you will notice 4 points, with 3 containing flowers. Use your shovel and dig on the 4th point (top right) to get your reward, which will be a Big Chest.

Graveyard Biome

Colored Pedestals

In Foragers graveyard biome, one puzzle you will find will have 4 pedestals. Each one having a shape and color on top. Fill these gaps with one of each gem, ensuring the color and shape match. After filling the pedestals, you’ll be given a Big Chest for a reward.

Dark Bells

One land will have 3 large bells as well as a sign. On the sign will be lines at 3 different heights. With each line representing a bell, follow this guide: If a line is low, ring the left bell. If it’s in the centre, ring the middle bell. And if the line is at the top, then ring the right bell. You’ll be rewarded with another Big Chest.

Proximity Spike Traps

In the centre of one of the lands is 4 small chests. The only issue is that they are surrounded by spikes that deal 3 hearts of damage instantly. It’s possible to survive if you roll over and have more than 3 hearts however, the easier method is to use the Thunder Rod which you will get from the Ancient Tomb. You can also use bombs or fire arrows on the spikes to disable them and receive 4 Skull Chests.

Skull Braziers

You will find 4 unlit braziers on one of the lands. To receive your Big Chest, you will need to hit each of the braziers with a fire weapon, picaxe or bow to light them. Once they’re all lit, you’ll receive your reward.

Skull Galaxy

Inside the Skull Galaxy is 4 pedestals, with signs giving hints on what to place on each of them. Completing this puzzle will reward you with the Skull Galaxy Seal. These hints and answers are:

    • “I can fall from great heights and live, but submerged in water I die” – Paper
    • “What force and strength cannot get through, I, with my teeth can do” – Key
    • “Gentle enough to soothe the skin, strong enough to break stone” – Bottle of Water 
    • “Alive without breath, cold as death, never thirsty, always drinking” – Fish 

Winter Biome

Frozen Chest

On one of the lands is a Big Chest. The problem is that it’s frozen and can’t be opened. To get access to the chest, use a fire bow, picaxe or sword to melt the ice. You can also use a grenade. 

Frozen Galaxy

Inside the Frozen Galaxy is 5 computers, each one displaying symbols. Underneath the computers are a bunch of 1s and 0s, which is binary code. Convert this yourself, or set the computers to the following order: 5-3-4-2-4. You will receive the Frozen Galaxy Seal, 4 small chests and the Frozen Astronomer. 

Stone Princess

Our final Winter Biome Puzzle is the Stone Princess. This statue has a sign near it, which states “Only the flower which grows in the dark will awaken the Stone Princess”. To activate the statue, you will need to place a Cinderbloom flower on it which can be found in the Fire Biome or some temples. You will be rewarded with a Big Chest.

Fire Biome

Coded Switches

This is one of the more complicated puzzles. In a circle shape is 12 buttons, which you can interact with. They need to be pressed down in a certain order, with the order being shown on the ground of each biome. Press the buttons in this order to complete the puzzle and receive a Big Chest: 

Push the buttons in this order

Fire Chests

4 Small Chests in the middle of a land are on fire. To access them, you can put them out using a water bottle to get access to the chests and their rewards.

Fire Galaxy

Again, we have another difficult challenge. The objective here is to turn off every lantern. Use this YouTube video uploaded by a player to complete the puzzle. You will receive a Fire Galaxy Seal, 4 Small Chests and a Feat.

Lights Out

Another complex puzzle similar to the previous is Lights Out. On one of the land is more switches, with the aim being to turn them all off. Start on the top column, turning off the switches. Pressing down a switch turns off the surrounding ones. You can use this website to solve the puzzle. Select 4×4 from the dropdown, press edit and input the pattern from Forager and then press solve.

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