Forager: Complete List of Quests, Guides & Rewards


GamingForager: Complete List of Quests, Guides & Rewards

Forager has a lot of quests in the game, and you’ll need to complete them in order to make good progress. Often, you’ll be rewarded with Spirit Orbs which allow you to increase your maximum health, maximum energy or levels. You’ll also receive artefacts which provide special bonuses to your character. 

Quests are not the same as puzzles. NPCs will provide quests, whilst puzzles are not given and instead just completed. You will need to complete all the quests to get the Extrovert and Diligent Feats. 

Below, you can see a list of quests currently available in Forager, as well as their guides and rewards. If you want to check out some more guides for the game, you can view our dedicated area here.  

Grass Biome

The Grass Biome is the first biome you will be in, with it being green in color. In total, there are two NPCs on this island providing a total of four quests. 

    1. Fairy Mother Fountain: On an eventual land you will unlock is a Fairy Queen. Talk to her, and she will ask for 1000 Gold Coins. This is a large amount if you’re in the early game phase still, you can use a Forge to generate coins. The reward for this quest is the Fairy Aura, which provides Passive Health & Energy regeneration.
    2. Druids Tree House: Outside of a large tree house is a Druid, who will provide you with three quests.
        1. Bottled Torchbug: Give the Druid two bottled Torchbugs. Torchbugs light up at night, and can be collected by using a glass bottle (created in a Forge) on them. The reward for this quest is two Druid Scrolls. 
        2. Tree Saplings: Next, the Druid will ask for 30 Tree Saplings. These can either be obtained from a Windmill (unlocked through the Foraging tree), or purchased from Markets (unlocked through the economy tree). Handing the Druid these items will give you two small chests, likely to contain gems and minerals.
        3. Dino Egg: Finally, the Dino Egg. Now, this item is hard to obtain, you aren’t expected to get it until close to the end of the game, as you will need to unlock the Fire Biome which costs between 15K and 25K per land. However, you can find it by using a shovel on Dig Spots in the Fire Biome until you find a Dino Egg. The reward for handing this in is a Spirit Orb.
fairy queen
The Fairy Queen

Desert Biome

The next set of lands you will unlock will be in the Desert Biome, as they are the cheapest to unlock. You will find 3 quests in these areas provided by 2 NPCs. 

    1. Old Man: Sitting in the middle of one of the lands is an Old Man, who will request that you hand him a Golden Egg. Golden Eggs are laid by chickens randomly, the chance of them dropping is rare. Interact with a chicken to make it lay eggs. The Golden Egg drop is completely random, and could be your first drop or thousandth. Handing him the Golden Egg will reward you with a Big Chest.
    2. Desert Princess: The second NPC is the Desert Princess, who isn’t happy with the land she is on. She has two quests for you, giving two separate rewards.
        1. Flowers: The first item she will request is 40 Flowers to make the land more appealing. You should have these already, if not, farm them from the grass biome. You will be rewarded with 2 Ana’s Delight, which will increase the spawn rate of animals around you.
        2. Royal Clothing: Next, the Princess will require two Royal Clothing, which are quite expensive to craft. Royal Clothing requires unlocking the Craftsmanship skill, Leather and one of each gem, craft it in a furnace. The reward for this quest is a Big Chest and a Pink Bow which makes animals drop 25% more resources and spawn more often.

Graveyard Biome

There are only 2 quests inside the Graveyard Biome, and they are both really simple. They are provided by 2 separate NPCs. 

    1. Goblin: On one of the lands is a Goblin, who will ask for 100 Bones. These can be obtained by killing skeletons (who will spawn by destroying graves). Once you’ve handed the Goblin the bones, you will be rewarded with a Skeleton Key. The Skeleton Key allows you to open chests without needing a key.
    2. Jester’s Quiz: Talk to Jester and you’ll be thrown into a wacky trivia game made from the developers perspective. You’re going to lose the trivia no matter what, but you’ll be rewarded with a big chest at the end of it.
trivia quest
Part of the Trivia Quest

Winter Biome

Heading into the Winter Biome, you will have 4 quests waiting for you by 3 NPC’s. Some are easy, some are quite difficult.

    1. Fox: One quest is provided by the Fox, who will urgently ask you to provide him with 500 Poop. One of the easiest way to obtain large amounts of poop is to use animal feed on cows. However it can also be found at dig spots, randomly generated from animals and large quantities can show up in Markets. Once complete, you will be rewarded with a Big Chest.
    2. Ice Wizard Battle: For this quest, you will have to battle 4 Ice Wizards. I don’t recommend doing this without an upgraded sword or bow. However, if you complete the quest, you are again rewarded with a Big Chest.
    3. Friendly Ghost: One Island which has a lot of gaps contains the Friendly Ghost. The ghost is invisible, and will only show up when you stand next to it, which is in the centre of the island. There are two quests waiting for you:
        1. Demon Horn: Provide the Friendly Ghost with two Demon Horns. These can be obtained from killing Demons located in the Fire Biome. Although they can also show up in Markets. You will be rewarded with a Small Chest.
        2.  Kapala: Now the Friendly Ghost wants a Kapala, which is an archaeology item. To find it, you will need to use your shovel on Dig Spots in a Graveyard Biome. Once you hand the Ghost the Kapala, you are rewarded with a Big Chest.
friendly ghost quest
Location of the Friendly Ghost

Fire Biome

Currently, there are three quests inside the Fire Biome, all offered by the same NPC. There is another NPC in the Fire Biome, although he doesn’t seem to want to talk to you.

    1. The Wizards Staff: Find the Wizard in the Fire Biome, who will give you a series of quests, with the final reward being his staff.
        1. Cinderbloom: Hand 20 Cinderbloom’s to the Wizard which can be found growing in the Fire Biome. For the reward, you will receive 3 potions which are Mandragora, Liquid Luck and Wisdom Draught.
        2. Green Pigment: Next up, the Wizard wants 20 Green Pigment. To craft this, you will require an Inscription Table. Green Pigment requires Jelly, Cactus and Seaweed. Once you’ve crafted the Pigments, hand it over to receive 2 Wizard Scrolls and 2 Sage Scrolls.
        3. Crystal: Finally, the Wizard will ask for 200 Crystals. You should likely already have a good amount of these. But if not, they can be mined from the Winter biome. Giving in the Crystals will give you the Magic Scepter reward, which allows you to fire Rods without using any charge.
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